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    • Chengdu Kamel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    • Chengdu Kamel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd



    Contact Us

    Chengdu Kamel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    Tel : (+86)028-67136579


    Email: sales@kamelpharm.com

    Address: Building No. 2,No.51 Wuqing South Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province,China

    ZIP Code: 610045



    Chengdu Kamel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    Chengdu Kamel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in chemicalcustom synthesis company, its order across the country and abroad, and the same all over the country has established good business contacts, to providecustom synthesis service of high quality and reasonable price for customers, is always our tenet. Our synthetic laboratory in the custom synthesis work for many years, has accumulated rich experience in organic synthesis, synthesis of many high purityorganic compounds, including some complex pharmaceutical intermediates, the activity...more

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